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How to design a site using a silo structure

I want to discuss am important topic when it comes to SEO called the site structure.

If you want to get maximum benefits from the structure of your web site then using a basic silo will increase how the link juice flows threw your website.

For an example site I am going to use this rhinoplasty Austin site. If you take a close look at the site it uses a basic silo structure.


If you see from the diagram home page links to all pages and inner pages only link to home page.

This creates a silo structure that will let the juice flow through the site better.

A great place to pick up some marketing help

A great place to pick up some marketing help

Over at Hubspot they have some great marketing material. If you are trying to build a business check them out.

Useful Learning Resources For Learning Web Design

Useful Learning Resources For Learning Web Design

Learning more about web design can be a hard task. We have put together some resources to help you achieve stronger web design skills.

Coding Resources

Code Avengers courses are a fun route for people to learn programming and Website design. By doing coding challenges, bug chases and robot missions takes the torment out of learning Javascript, Html5 and Css3. The lessons are intended for people of all ages.


The future of web design

The future of web design

This is the next step in website design for small businesses. If you don’t want to spend the up front amount on a website the guys at E Pick have started a program to rent a custom website for a crazy low price. You get the same quality service with out the high price tag.